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About us

ElmMac is an Online Self Service IT-Support For Online ITShop & Support . Web Development . Mobile Apps Development . Web Application & Scripts Development . BitCoin software Development . Software Development . Software Engineering . IT Networking . Apple Mac Support; solution for Customers to be able to have control over their payment records, invoices and receipts automatically generated at their disposal .

ElmMac gives IT-Support services , Sells IT-Products online like any other shopping cart with shipping system and shipping estimate for established courier service companies.

ElmMac is an ElmTechbytes IT-Support Company aiming at providing its customers the ability to self serve themselves online and requesting any IT-Support of their choice online.

After a successfull booking and transaction, ElmMac with its courier service will have to collect the booked in device(s) from the customers provided address for repairs/fixing after which a successfull repair service, the device will be delivered back to the respective address for the customer with a fully functional device.