Thinking of going wireless? ElmMac Network Infrastructure Technology can help. We do wireless network setup for businesses of all sizes in a variety of locations. If your company relies on cellular phones, PDAs, pagers or laptops in its daily operations, our full range of wireless network services can allow you to become completely mobile. Stay in constant contact with employees, customers and vendors. Increase productivity, maintain instant communications and access data. Experience continual contact without compromise.

We handle the assessment, design and implementation of VoIP networks. We use products from the vendors you trust, including Cisco, for your multi-location networks. We have the geographic flexibility to provide remote backup and server monitoring solutions. Network Infrastructure Technology empowers you with the tools you need to go wireless.

Wireless network setup for Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

In today’s fast paced business environment, it is increasingly important for employees to have access to their data – anywhere, anytime. If you have distant branch offices or you want to allow your employees to work from home, our wireless network services are for you.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow users to establish secure links over the Internet to their private network. This technology is often used for staff to access company data from their homes via an Internet connection. Based on your company’s requirements, we can design a VPN solution with special attention to the following three areas:

  • Security – VPNs offer various levels of security to ensure that while your information is traveling via the Internet, it is as safe as it is when traveling only through your office network.
  • Traffic Control – How many people will be using the virtual network at any given time and at what capacity? Different VPNs offer a wide range of acceptable “traffic” levels depending upon your needs.
  • Enterprise Management – Closely tied with security, these policies also outline who can connect and what privileges they may have.

An extension of a private network, a VPN encompasses links across shared or public networks. VPN connections use the connectivity of the Internet plus a combination of tunneling and data encryption technologies – such as the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) and Layer Two Tunneling Protocol with Internet Protocol security (L2TP/IP Sec) – to connect remote clients and remote offices.

VPN setup is just part of the wireless network support available by Network Infrastructure Technology. Call +27 (0) 31 837 6390 today for a complete overview of wireless network services.