With the increasing popularity of the Internet and the prevalence of borderless networks, information system network assessments have become more important and more common. The goal of an information system network assessment by ElmMac Pty. is to discover potential risks in information systems before malicious users discover and exploit them. According to The National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace, September 2002, “A digital disaster strikes some enterprise every day. Infrastructure disruptions have cascading impacts, multiplying their cyber and physical effects”. Every organization, large and small, should regularly undergo a network assessment to assess their information system’s design and vulnerabilities.

After an ElmMac Pty assessment is performed by us, steps can be taken to eliminate any threats and vulnerabilities that were discovered and to improve on the overall awareness of network and network-related issues. After the systems are presumed secure, an organization should continuously assess threats and vulnerabilities using automated ElmMac Pty, mooring tools. Full network assessments by ElmMac Pty. should also be scheduled periodically to ensure that an enhanced level of network is maintained and up-to-date best practices are followed.

Information system network is constantly evolving and changing. What is presumed secure today may not be secure enough tomorrow. Therefore, information system network should be viewed not as a destination, but rather a continuing journey.


A network assessment provides to our customer tangible and intangible value to the organization being reviewed and should be seen as the first crucial step in managing you cost and network risks. The primary value of a network assessment by ElmMac Pty. lies in the discovery of potential risks. The value of a network assessment can be measured in the terms of return on system investment (ROSI). ROSI attempts to quantify the real value of improved network based on assessment and modification.

In general, network assessments by ElmMac Pty. helps reduce the costs associated with information system attacks. Expenses that can arise from ineffective or insufficient network can include: the cost to rebuild, repair or replace violated systems; the loss of business assets such as intellectual property or trade secrets; the cost of business interruption due to unplanned downtime; liability and possible fines associated with the failure to comply with information protection laws and regulations; and business erosion due to loss of confidence and trust from customers, partners and associates.

In short, a network assessment’s value can be can be expressed by the cost savings derived from the processes of optimizing the infrastructure, improving efficiencies, enhancing availability, and improving risk management.

Assessing a customer’s information system and reporting the results back to the customer help our customer make informed decisions so that they can operate the best information system possible. This adds value for the organization, their partners, customers, and ultimately for the networked public at large.