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Network Consulting

By the Industry Experts

You know your industry because you work and compete in it everyday. And we know Information Technology. But we also know your industry because, chances are, we’ve worked in it, too. As experienced IT professionals in your industry as well as our own, the network consulting you get from ElmMac Network Infrastructure Technology is tailored to your specific needs and priorities. Over the years we have served almost any industry you can think of including healthcare, education, government, food, media, diamonds and jewelry, fashion and style, restaurants and retail, fitness, religion, technology and Internet, legal, and financial. We understand the complexities of university campus networking, of configuring multi-location hospitals and health clinics, of connecting mobile employees with their in-house co-workers, of securing bank computer systems for at most confidentiality and protection.

If this is your situation.

  • You recognize the need to better align IT to your business
  • You need to have the right IT organization in place to support business requirements
  • Your organization needs to be better equipped in performing IT due diligence activities for mergers and acquisitions
  • You are aware that regulatory issues eventually will become an IT requirement
  • You need IT projects to yield appropriate results for your business
  • You want to see what can be done to better source and manage your IT services.

it’s time to give ElmMac Network Infrastructure Technology computer network consultants a call.

Our network consultants let you in on secrets that work. We create a predictable and positive growth strategy according to your needs and drive your business to the next stage.

Business Network Consulting

Take care of everything with business network consulting from ElmMac Network Infrastructure Technology which allows you to align IT to your business, manage IT costs, and see projects really perform. Our vendor partnerships are with leading companies like Microsoft, HP, Dell and Cisco which means you always get the latest software and business tools to streamline everything you do. Our business network consultants are the team you’ve been waiting for.

Align IT to the business

  • Validate conceptual design and controls surrounding people, processes and technology
  • Provide recommendations regarding IT governance, operations and organization
  • Advise on application and technology maturity
  • Implement business intelligence solutions and increase efficiency throughout organization

Manage IT cost and value

  • Conduct spend analyses and benchmarking
  • Assist with cost modeling
  • Advise on cost management and optimization
  • Assist with the preparation of investment appraisals

Making IT projects perform

  • Conduct benefits and ROI modeling
  • Advise on best practices in project governance, risk and controls
  • Provide recommendations to assist with envisioning and planning change
  • Assist with funding and investment evaluations
  • Assist with benefits tracking and benefits realization programs
  • Provide recommendations regarding internal communications and training needs

Discuss how business network consulting can empower your company by calling +27 (0) 31 837 6390 today.

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