Sometimes all your company needs to remain competitive and successful in a technologically advanced world is to jumpstart just a couple areas of your IT department. This is when you can call on computer network management teams at ElmMac Network Infrastructure Technology. Our project managers, technicians and engineers receive the best ongoing training so they are well versed in the most sophisticated and up-to-date procedures, software and hardware. Effective project implementation takes the ripples out of your outdated systems and infuses life into the technology that is meant to help, not hinder.

Computer network management by ElmMac Network Infrastructure Technology can help you cut costs and enhance productivity throughout your company, whether you have one location or several locations throughout the South Africa. or throughout the world. With the variety and sheer number of channels through which today’s information is disseminated, your business cannot afford to be left behind. Once thought only affordable and available to large businesses, IT services are now readily available to small and midsized companies as well. Let one of our computer network managers visit your office to discuss how you can empower your business by improving your IT today.

Computer Network Management Services We Offer:

  • Risk Analysis and Assessment – discover potential problems and vulnerabilities well before disaster strikes
  • Network & System Design and Administration – see the big picture and finally get the most efficient network
  • Vendor Management & Software Configuration – get updated software from trusted vendors to communicate effectively and organize critical data
  • Cabling and Infrastructure – make sense of complex equipment and get the most from your system
  • Network Setup – connect your computers, servers and peripherals; ask about wireless network setup as well
  • Data Storage and Protection – keep your data secure and confidential with routine backups and reliable data recovery solutions
  • Rollouts, Troubleshooting and Migrations – make a presentation or product introduction memorable with professional technology; give your IT equipment and staff a smooth transition to a new office location
  • Regulatory Compliance and Documentation Management – avoid legal problems and safeguard vital information; let us take care of properly documenting every process and procedure
  • Group Policy Design – understand the parameters under which your network is governed and what you can and cannot do within your network
  • IT Project Management – get help from expert technicians on a project-by-project basis
  • Call Center & Help Desk Support – don’t be perplexed by IT glitches that can be solved in a few minutes by our experienced technicians
  • Remote Access – mobile and offsite employees can feel in the loop with wireless networks that allow them access to company information and communications

Call Network Infrastructure Technology today to find out more about computer network management services at +27 (0) 31 837 6390.