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Learning Java 9 – Object Oriented Programming

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When it comes to learning programming skills, knowing how to program in Java is a clear advantage in your career, because with Java your code is more than just code! Java gives you cutting-edge, in-demand job skills in areas such as mobile, web apps, Internet of Things, big data, Machine learning, cloud platforms, and cloud Infrastructures. Whether you're developing a robust enterprise backend, building the frontend, or thriving in a DevOps role, having Java programming skills can up your game.

This course starts by your installing Java 9, Maven, and the Intellij Community Edition on your computers, and running a simple "Hello World" example in Java to test the configuration. Moving along, you will gain an introduction to Java, the Java language runtime, and the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Here we will discuss the benefits the JVM brings us, as well as demonstrating some very simple Java programming examples in the Java Shell (JShell), a Java REPL newly introduced for Java 9. Moving on, you will model a number of different types of motor vehicle, demonstrating the usefulness of the OOP paradigm, and how we can make use of it in Java. Here, we will cover objects, classes, inheritance, abstract classes, and interfaces. Now is the right time to start using some of the basic building blocks of Java. We start by discussing and demonstrating the different primitive types available and the difference between primitive types and their corresponding classes (for example: double vs. Double), as well as simple data structures such as arrays, each being illustrated with examples through JShell.

The course demonstrates (with examples) lists, maps, and sets that are commonly used data sets . We then discuss the differences between the interface for each of these, and their corresponding concrete implementations. The tutorial concludes with loading a text file into a list data set, and sorting it. This comprehensive course will give you a practical sneak peek into programming in Java, along with the basics of Object Oriented Programming, the Java runtime language, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), and the changes to the language introduced with Java 9—showing you exactly why Java is the #1 programming language in the World today!

About The Author

Colibri is a technology consultancy company founded in 2015 by James Cross and Ingrid Funie. The company works to help its clients navigate the rapidly changing and complex world of emerging technologies, with deep expertise in areas such as big data, data science, machine learning, and cloud computing. Over the past few years it has worked with some of the world's largest and most prestigious companies, including a tier 1 investment bank, a leading management consultancy group, and one of the world's most popular soft drinks companies, helping each of them make better sense of its data and process it in more intelligent ways. The company lives by its motto: Data -> Intelligence -> Action.

James Cross is a Big Data Engineer and certified AWS Solutions Architect with a passion for data-driven applications. He’s spent the last 3-5 years helping his clients to design and implement huge scale streaming Big Data platforms, Cloud-based analytics stacks, and serverless architectures.

He started his professional career in Investment Banking, working with well-established technologies such as Java and SQL Server, before moving into the Big Data space. Since then he’s worked with a huge range of Big Data tools including most of the Hadoop eco-system, Spark and many No-SQL technologies such as Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis and DynamoDB. More recently his focus has been on Cloud technologies and how they can be applied to data analytics, culminating in his work at Scout Solutions as CTO, and more recently with Mckinsey.

James is an AWS certified solutions architect with several years experience designing and implementing solutions on this cloud platform. As CTO of Scout Solutions Ltd, he built a fully serverless set of API’s and analytics stack based around Lambda and Redshift.

Colibri is a technology consultancy company founded in 2015 by James Cross and the company works to help their clients navigate the rapidly changing and complex world of emerging technologies.

He is interested in almost anything that has to do with technology. He has worked with everything from Wordpress to Hadoop, from C++ to Java, and from Oracle to DynamoDB. If it's new and solves a problem in an innovative way he’s keen to give it a go!

Who is the target audience?

  • Anybody looking to get started with programming in Java, or looking to learn what's new in the language in Java 9.

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